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A grandmother, Irene O’Shea, enetered the record books by becoming the world’s oldest skydiver after plunging from more than 14,000 feet above Langhorne Creek, Australia.

Ms. O’Shea was born on May 30, 1916. She was 102-year-and-193-day old when she jumped. Ms. O’Shea first skydived in 2016 to celebrate her 100th birthday.

After landing with her partner Jed Smith, Ms. O’Shea said she did not feel any fear expect for the cold temperature when they came out of the cabin.

Ms. O’Shea undertook the skydiving in order to fundraise for Motor Neurone Disease, which her daughter Shelagh died from at the age of 67. Ms. O’Shea so far has risen close to $12,000 and she hopes to raise another $10,000 from the skydiving.

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