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The son of the late dictator, Mohammed Abacha, has promised support the reelection bid of President Muhammadu Buhari by ensuing to get at least two million votes for him in Kano State.

Mohammed Abacha is the governorship candidate of the Advance Peoples Democratic Alliance (APDA) in Kano State.

The eldest son of the late military dictator, General Sani Abacha, publicly endorsed the All Progressives Congress’ (APC) presidential candidate for a second term, while addressing reporters at his campaign office on Maguwa Road in Kano.Abacha, who was represented by Bashir Bataya, Chairman of APDA in Kano, said his support for Buhari on the track record of his achievements since he assumed office in 2015.

According to him, some of Buhari’s achievements are security and economic stability, capital projects and agriculture development.
Abacha said:“The APDA in its search for a torchbearer for this great nation, has found Buhari as a man of integrity, transparency and he is incorruptible.
“We have noticed a tremendous improvement in the area of security in Nigeria, especially in the North-East. Again, the stability in our economy and agriculture is a thing of joy. The home-grown feeding programme has generated millions of job opportunities and improved the consumption of local farm produce. When you consider the nation’s economic situation between 2014 and 2015, with the present situation, you will see that the country has largely improved.
“On capital projects, the Buhari government has completed and is still working on several abandoned projects across the country, especially road projects.”

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