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Afghan journalist, Mina Mangal has been assassinated in Kabul.

Mangal was a television presenter for popular Pashto-language channels before entering politics, was gunned down in broad daylight in southeast Kabul.

Police authority says investigations into the killing of the journalist has commenced.

The attack has sparked an outpouring of anger and sadness from Mangal’s colleagues and women’s rights activists, who condemned authorities for failing to protect her in the face of threats.

Afghan women’s rights activist Wazhma Frogh said that Mangal had recently posted on Facebook that she had been receiving threats and feared for her life.

“Can’t stop my tears at the loss of this beautiful soul. She had a loud voice, and actively raising voice for her people. In this Facebook status she says she’s threatened and she says she she trusts her Allah and that a strong woman isn’t scared of death. RIP Mina Mangal,” Frogh said in a post on Twitter.

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