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Goke Bajowa

A popular gospel artiste, Goke Bajowa has advised other musicians to come out with songs that will have positive impacts on the life of their fans and the society at large.

Goke Bajowa who is also a composer and song director told ROVING REPORTERS that it was unfortunate that many Nigerian musicians who claimed to sing love songs ended up producing ‘sex suggestive’ music.

Bajowa said “Those are not even love songs. The are Sex suggestive, soft porn soundtracks.

Have people like Timi Dakolo,Banky W,Psquare,ASA and Tosin Martins not sung love songs ? Let’s compare the contents musically and lyrically.

There is actually no issue with love songs or related stuffs. My only problem with our people is, all of them use the same lyrics,the same beat pattern,the same rhymes, rhythms,almost same voice enhancements,tones for instrumentation etc…I am tired.

Every musician must create his niche and fans.”

He explained further that “Too much of Songs about sex, partying,clubbing, and drinking are distractions and bad influences on younger generations who are in their formative stages of life.

There should also be songs that can influence youths positively.. Balance is very important.

Our secular music video productions are very good but there are no good songs in terms of musical and lyrical contents, structures, instrumentation and vocals dynamics.

There must be a song first, before a video, the video is there to help you sell your song so the song is ultimately the real thing,the song is what will last in heart of the audience,the song will remain after the video is gone so our guys should pay attention to songs as much as they do to videos.

A music video is just like a beautiful wrapping paper to wrap the gift inside .The wrapping paper will soon be disposed and the reality of the content quality will dawn sooner or later.

If you pay attention very well you will notice that the best songs around are not the ones with the best music videos, some don’t even have videos at all.

However, this is not to discredit music videos o,……they are good if properly utilised and it helps songs to quickly gain access to ordinary minds like we have lots them in the Nigerian audience.

There are still some very good and mature minded musicians in nigeria today but the problem is such musicians need to understand that majority of the music audience in Nigeria don’t reason at their level.

These category of musicians don’t need to see videos before they appreciate a good song,they are not by beautiful videos when the real content (song ) is not good,their minds are so imaginative and creative that they are not moved by what they see but what they hear( that’s a high level).

That is why they don’t waste money or spend time on music videos because they understand its fake most times, even though beautiful.

They see beyond the packaging to know the quality of the real content,they don’t even watch the regular music videos anyway,they would rather watch live performance videos.

Also, they are not moved by the studio magic performed these days on audios( voice/ harmony enhancements, electronic tones etc) because they understand its not real even though sweet.

Unfortunately,however, these things are what appeal to the general music audience in this part of the world.

Its difficult for us to accept these realities bcos we think differently(what you are is what you think others should be), but that’s the truth.

So we need to start learning the thinking pattern of our prospective audience and come down to their level,shift grounds a little to accommodate average minds while we still uphold the standards in some other ways if we want their attention.

Its not as if the real Musicians don’t know that their music videos are not good enough or that that the fakeness of modern day music production is sweet to the hearing, they deliberately are not just subscribing to it because it doesn’t appeal to them.

My advice once again is…….the real musicians should try to start seeing and accessing music like ordinary minds to get more attention.

Knowing the psychology of your clients/ customers is very important. Most times they don’t think like you because they don’t know what you know. ” Goke Bajowa said.

The Popular gospel musician also warned Nigerian youths not to be carried away with how some musicians display wealth on social media and video,saying not all that glitters is Gold.

“Many of them are not as rich as they portray.

I am not disputing that some have money though, but they exaggerate a lot.The stinkingly rich ones do other things

I know gospel, artistes who are richer than many of them but you would never know cos they don’t show it. Even some Fuji artistes have money too than you can imagine.

Do you know what guys like Tope Alabi, Sinach,Frank Edwards,Nathaniel Bassey,Pamam Percy Paul,Sammy Okposo and Tim Geoffrey etc are worth?

Only the very very top afro pop artistes are richer than these people.

A lot of times, what we see around artistes is just the packaging built around them by promoters,politicians,god fathers,corporate organizations etc and not their real worth. ” Bajowa said.

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