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Face to Face Communication


Victoria Emeje

Technological advancement has greatly improved the lives of people around the world.

However, the evolution of the Internet has affected face-to-face communication skills among people in a great deal as they are often engrossed with their phones almost every hour of the day.

With the advent of smart phones in the Nigerian market, there is hardly a home that is not in possession of a mobile phone.

Due to various attention grabbing and user friendly applications that come with smart phones, it is almost impossible not to engage with any of the tools.

Speaking with some respondents, they noted that they could hardly do away with their phones.

Those who can’t do away with their phones said because they use it to play music, read ebooks, chat and browse and those functions makes it difficult to stay away from their phones for a day.

Samuel John said “I spend approximately 15hours on my phone a day.

“Lordson Chucks explained that “ I spend every hour of the day on my phone browsing except when I’m busy at work.

”Priscilla Adejumo added that “ I spend 6hours on my phone every day “Others who said they can stay away from their phones for at least two days explained that they can do that if they are in a place that is activity filled and less boring or If they have work and are busy as well as If their phones are not functioning well.

On the negative effect that excessive phone use have on face-to-face communication, some respondents discarded such belief saying conversation on phone helps build good relationship with people especially when they were far off.Social media

Others however agreed that conversation on phone was incomparable to face-to-face interaction which gives opportunity for the two individuals to relate physically.

Those who said it’s incomparable to face-to-face communication said Face-to-face interactions entails verbal and nonverbal communication such as facial expressions, reactions, body language, tone of voice, gestures etc that helps to encode and decode properly what was being communicated.

In face-to-face interactions, one put into consideration some societal norms and values such as respect which refrains one from uttering certain things ,unlike social media communication where one feels so free to utter anything.

Face-to-face communication helps you know someone better, creates better bonding relationship with people.

Speaking on the matter, a writer and journalist, Mr Wumi Agunbiade explained that just as phones have their advantages they also have disadvantages.

Mr Agunbiade advised the public to be disciplined with phone usage and know when to keep their aside in order to have an efficient interpersonal communication with people.Victoria Emeje

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