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Bisi Ogungbemi

The African Democratic Congress (ADC) chairman in Ondo state, Mr. Bisi Ogungbemi who was reportedly suspended by state working committee of the party has described his suspension as illegal.

Ogungbemi and his deputy,Mrs Tokunbo Saka were on Wednesday suspended for three months over allegations of “gross misconduct, anti-party activities, financial misappropriation among others. ”

According to them, Ogungbemi’s actions contravene the provisions of the ADC Constitution as amended, most especially Article 13, Section 6, Sub-section i-iv; Article 14, Section A1, Sub-section i, ii, iv; Section B, Sub-section i and Article 15, Section A, Sub-section i, iv, vi, viii.

The party immediately appointed Samuel Adeusi as acting chairman, who was until Wednesday the State Treasurer of the party.

Reacting ,in an interview with ROVING REPORTERS, Ogungbemi alleged that some members of the working committee had been working to pull down the party in Ondo state.

He said there were numerous evidences against some of the working committee members as they seen romancing with the ruling party in the state.

Ogungbemi pointed out that those who claimed to have suspended him did so to achieve their plans against ADC in Ondo state.

He alleged that some of the state working committee members were involved in anti party activities.

The chairman said “It is a baseless allegation that have not been proved. They are supposed to be suspended for anti party activities because they have photographs with other political parties and i called them to intimate them that we should work in unity and they should not move from one party to the other because it is tantamount to anti party activities.

But they are of the opinion that i am blocking their ways so that is why they took that decision and i told them that even they don’t have the right.

They don’t have the legal backing to do that because i am a national officer and as a national officer representing the state ,no state working committee has that right(to suspend me)

The due process is not followed and what i stand for is for the party to progress and i asked them to discard going from one place to the other.

They are have been visiting various political parties ,soliciting for money, this one i said is wrong ,that we should allow dignity to be our benchmark.

I have also been talking to them individually that going round to meet other political parties is wrong.

The national body of ADC was very angry with their actions . it said they don’t have the right to even do that at all. That who bestowed that power on them ?

It is the national that has the right to suspend any chairman of the state in our party not any or group of individuals .

Their action is not in line with the party’s constitution. They will be called to order very soon.

So they didn’t suspend me, they suspended themselves. Their action is illegal because i have never involved myself in any anti party activities.

When they were soliciting for money, they even snapped picture with the governor of the state. ” Ogungbemi said.

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