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Traditional Emcee popularly known as Alaga in wedding engagement ceremonies is fast becoming a profession that both men and women love to because of the fact that it brings food to their tables .

In this special Interview with ROVING REPORTERS ,Twin Sisters , Grace and Racheal have come up with innovations into the craft and making waves among others colleagues.

They speak on the ups and downs of being an Alaga. Excerpt :

Can we meet you ?

Kehinde : I am Kehinde Grace Bobby and my twin is Taiwo Rachael Asirvo.
We hail from Ipetu Ijesa in Osun State. We went to Saint Teresa’s College oke Ado Ibadan. Then we went to Osun state Polytechnic Iree where I studied Mass Communication and she studied Marketing.

I guess you served the same year and Married same year ?

Taiwo : We did not serve the same year. She served in 2013/2014 while l served in 2014/2015.

Then, we got married the same year and day.

What happened ?

It was due to a kind of delay in school I guess.

How were you able to convince your husbands on the plan of getting wedded on the same day ?

Kehinde : (Smiles ) Let me say it was divine. Because we did not even persuade nor convince them about it, it just happened like that.

What brought about the idea of choosing Traditional master of ceremony as a career ?

Kehinde : Thank you for this question. After my service, automatically we knew there was no point looking for jobs around. Then I went to a popular market in Ibadan to learn bridal accessories (Only Bouquet then) which I later learnt other accessories such bridal hand fans, veils, fascinators to mention a few.

At this time, Taiwo was already in Lagos and into fabric business. I joined her in Lagos in 2014 after my service.

Before this time, we were already following our mum to traditional wedding events back in Ibadan but did not really take it serious until we found ourselves in our bridal accessories and fabric business.

And so because we’ve been doing it with our mum, it was easy for us to go fully into it coupled with other businesses.

Further more, in 2018 we decided to add to our knowledge in compering traditional weddings, so we went to “Strictly Weddings Academy” in Lagos to learn more about the art of the business, where our lecturer, mentor and boss is by name Oluremisan ( Senior Alaga of Nigeria)

What’s your husbands’ reaction to your choice of career ?

Taiwo : Fortunately ,our husbands love the idea because they believe so much in what we both can do. Promoting the brand always is their pleasure.

How have you been doing this together ?

Taiwo : Doing the business together has been fun. Although we have our ups and downs but we are getting better everyday.

How do you charge ?

Kehinde : About our charges, it depends on the nature of the event and location. Moreso, when you are on top of your game, people will be willing to pay for your service.
Nevertheless, there is always better days.

How far can you travel to perform ?

Taiwo : EjireLalaga can travel to any State/ Country so far it’s our business. Traveling far or near is not a problem.

What stands you out among other traditional masters of ceremony ?

Kehinde : We are twins and it brings uniqueness to our delivery compare to every other traditional wedding compere (Alagas).
And by the Grace of God, there is a touch of gold, class and royalty in every traditional engagement we anchor.

Are you part of those alagas that waste time at engagement ?

Both : capital NO

Kehinde : Because it is good to learn from others. We noticed that clients get pissed off while alagas are wasting time. It’s not all about paparazzi. In this job, your clients’ happiness and satisfaction is Paramount. We believe at the end of each event, our clients should be wowed.
We believe wasting time trying to extort a client today will automatically deny us of other opportunities. So there is no point doing that. By the Grace of God, we are always time conscious.

What is the feedback you get from people after performance ?

Taiwo : We always get a wowed feedbacks we must confess. Being twins, working together with understanding, bringing uniqueness to the events, satisfying our clients then working with their time always give us beautiful feedbacks.

Where do you see yourselves on the job in the next five years ?

Kehinde : In the next 5years by the Grace of God, EjireLalaga will be part of the most top recognized traditional wedding comperes in Nigeria and a role model to many.

What advice do you have for those having the ambition to become traditional masters of ceremony ?

Taiwo :They should be passionate about their dreams. Of course, we all do business to earn a living, but do not put money first. Be focused and purposeful. You must be positive. Your clients’ satisfaction must be of great importance to you. And with God on your side, success is assured.

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