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The former chairman of APC in Ondo state ,Isaacs Kekemeke on Tuesday said the reconciliation meeting held over lingering crisis rocking the party in the state did not delibrate over governor Akeredolu’s second term bid.

Kekemeke stated this while speaking with news men in akure shortly after APC National leader ,Asiwaju Ahmed Tinubu led others to meet with both factions of APC members in a bid to settle their differences.

Kekemeke said “We never talked about first or second term.

What we talked about is how our party will remain united and that whether anyone likes it or not ,Akeredolu remains the governor of the state and by indication,the leader of the party in the state.

There was no talk about second term, third term or forth term.”

Kekemeke also said “Leaders of our party have spoken to us and we have agreed that we will work together and find domestic solution to our domestic problems at the prompting of our leaders.

In a short while, we will be putting ourselves together and proffer domestic solutions to our domestic problems as motivated and encouraged by our leaders in the southwest and that will be very soon.

We also agreed ( at the meeting ) that we have all offended ourselves and the better thing to do is to also forgive ourselves and make compromises as the way forward, both the governor and all of us from the other side .

Most important thing is to continue to build a platform that is credible and will be able to win elections in the future. ” Kekemeke said.

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