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ROVING REPORTERS is calling the attention of governor Oluwarotimi Akeredolu to various death traps, also known as potholes on many roads in Akure,the Ondo State capital.

The potholes that have become concerns to road users over the years should not be claiming lives before government will act as motorists have been counting losses over constant repairs of their vehicles.

Akure is a Millennium city and such defects should not be seen on its major roads, especially when it becomes threat to lives.

One will wonder if no government officials drive round the city to observe those potholes or they just don’t care.

Many residents of Akure are faced with the challenge of bad road and the present government must be commended for construction of some of the roads.

However, construction of roads is not enough but maintaining the existing ones so that it will not become more complicated later.

Tax payers who reside in the state capital just like any other parts of the statue must enjoy the reason they pay tax.

Ministry of works must be proactive and do what is necessary to ensure that roads are maintained for the benefits of all.

It is expected that a responsive government would not wait till those potholes become ‘drumholes’ before it addresses such minor challenge.

Past governments constructed and rehabilitated roads, the presented government should do the same.

ROVING REPORTERS went round the state capital and these are some of the deadly potholes found :

This is bypass junction linking Ondo and very close to the ministry of works.

On Ondo road shortly After Ondo Motor park

At Ajipowo ,along Ondo road. In fact, from the entrance of the place to the last point of tarred road is filled with potholes.

Champion Junction to fanibi junction is also affected with potholes

Leo area in Akure

Koseunti junction

From Adegbola Junction

This road that links Fingerlicking

In front of St Louis primary school along Ondo road.

Danjuma road ,along Ondo road .

Surprisingly, the entrance of the ministry of Works ,and transport is getting bad.

From RCCG junction at customs to Agagu road is filled with different sizes of potholes

Agagu road linking ilesa motor park

These are some of many areas ROVING REPORTERS could cover within the state capital alone.

We expect government to address this before it gets out of hands .


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