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Read recent posts by former aviation minister, Femi Fani Kayode on his twitter account on Tuesday.

“At the same time and on the same spot that Funke Olakunri was murdered, the same group of people abducted a lady by the name of Mrs. Jinadu.

Her husband is a member of the Yoruba Tennis Club in Lagos. They demanded 7 million for her release, the money was paid and she was finally released 3 days ago.

She has confirmed that her abductors were Fulani herdsmen. It was the same cell of Fulani terrorists that murdered Funke! Let those that claim that she was murdered by Igbos and that asked “where are the cows?” think about that!
God is not mocked!

What are Fulani vigilantes doing in the SW mounting roadblocks and harassing people?

When challenged they brought out Miyetti Allah identity cards! Have we become slaves in our fathers land?

Every single Yoruba person that supports the APC should bow their heads in shame!

Shia Muslims butchered in Abuja whilst buildings and cars are set ablaze?

Fulani vigilante squads in the SW whilst Fulani herdsmen are kidnapping and slaughtering our people?

Fear, tension everywhere as drums of war are beating?

Buhari has killed Nigeria! I WARNED YOU! ”

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