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Parents have condemned the pains their children are being made to experience with the poor preparation by the state government to conduct the ongoing Unified Exams of SSS 2 and Basic Education Certificate Exams, BECE ,of JSS 3 students in Ondo State.

ROVING REPORTERS who visited some secondary students on Monday observed that the students who were having three papers did not start the exams on time as external invigilators arrived some of the schools at around 3 o’clock in the afternoon.

It was gathered that the production of question papers was contracted to a printing company based in Ibadan, the oyo state capital.

A source told ROVING REPORTERS that question papers are being brought from ibadan on daily basis and that is why the exams has been faced with various challenges at expense of the students and their teachers.

There was anxiety from parents who could not see their children as at half past 7 o’clock in the evening on Monday.

Many Parents however stormed some of the secondary schools in akure, looking for their children but were told by security guards that they were still in the exams hall.

While some schools switched on generators for the students to see clearly, some other schools made use of Rechargeable lamps for the students to write the exams.

A Parent, Mr John Ogunjobi lamented the development , saying it was an act of wickedness for a JSS 3 and SSS 2 students to be writing exams till late at night.

He said “ This is rubbish and unacceptable. My wife had to call me in the shop that she had not seen our child.

I had to drop what i was doing and rushed down here and to my surprise,they are still writing exams at 7:30pm, look at your watch and tell me if this is not crazy. 7:30pm ?

Many of them still have another exams tomorrow. I can’t believe this is happening where we have a government. Should students be exposed to this wahala at this time of insecurity ? ”

Some of the students who appeared very stressed having finished the last exam for the day, berated officials of the ministry of education for the suffering they were being made to pass through.

A secondary school teacher who recounted his experience said “ I expect parents to protest this ugly incident that had never happened for the past 17 years that have joined the service.

Everything about this exams is wrong .A student who wanted to write a particular subject was given question paper of another subject.

We had to be making photocopies of question papers so that it will go round the students.

And unfortunately government has not thought it up that things should be made right in time.

This is no exams but a social party. ” he said.

When contacted late last night, the commissioner for information and orientation ,mr Donald Ojogo promised to get in touch.

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