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The history of Mariwo is like other towns in Yoruba land and has a link with ILE- IFE because the first Deji of Akure Kingdom called Asodeboyede migrated from ILE-IFE and he was the father of King Gbogi, former Deji of Akure who reigned between C1648- 1678 AD and it was Deji Gbogi who gave birth to Oloja Adelabu the first Oloja Mariwo.

Nobody can tell exactly the date of Mariwo establishment but it was Deji Gbogi who installed his Prince over some settlements under Akure domain for easy administration.

Among the towns which Deji Gbogi installed his Prince are Olojamorio of Mariwo, Oloja of Irese, Asarun of Isarun, Adapogun of Ipogun, Akota of Ikota and Oloja of Aaye.

History revealed that there’s one particular Prince that the Oracle revealed to his parents that he was going to be a famous Prince but he must always be with palm kernels because he would need it in the future and when he grew up and wants to leave to start leaving in his farm house at Igbo Eti.

He took a lot of palm kernels with him according to what the Oracle revealed in the past which he planted everywhere and that’s why everybody in Ifedore knows that all the palm trees belongs to Olojamorio now Oni Mariwo of Mariwo Kingdom.

It was Deji Gbogi who told Oloja Adelabu of Mariwo to always use the palm fronds to celebrate Egungun and Osanyin Festival just like Akure every year that’s why every year we celebrate our festival in Mariwo, Deji of Akure use to send he-goats and yams to Oloja Mariwo for the festival celebration to show his genuine love for his son where the name of Mariwo was derived till today.

Hence Eight Olojas has reigned in the town and the present Onimariwo of Mariwo Kingdom H. R. H Julius Aluko Adegoke Arojojoye 11 is the nineth oba.

The past and present Obas are:

1. Oloja Adelabu
2. Oloja Adejare
3. Oloja Adeseye
4. Oloja Aladejebi
5. Oloja Ajabata 1
6. Oloja Aladesonyin
7. Oloja Aluko Fasoranti 1
8. Oloja Okiji Ajabata 11
9.H.R.H Julius Adegoke Aluko 11 the first Oloja of Mariwo to be upgraded to grade B obas as Onimariwo of Mariwo Kingdom.

The traditional chiefs in Mariwo are stated below accordingly:

1. Olisa of Mariwo
2. Odopetu of Mariwo
3. Elemo of Mariwo
4. Ojomu of Mariwo
5. Aro of Mariwo
6. Ojumu of Mariwo 7. Eyeule of Mariwo.

Above are the major chiefs that are in control of the town just like that of Iwarefa mefa of Akure Kingdom.

Mariwo has comon boundary with Ilara Mokin which is by Aponmu River, Eti by Okin River and Isarun by Olopatipa River.

Mariwo traditional praise(Oriki):

Ade ti mu okun, etu rora se jeje, agbonrin ti a fi n sere ni Eti ati pa ohun wa je ni Mariwo, Osanyin ni wan bo ni Mariwo Egungun be ni abe Iya, omo mu Egungun no mu Osanyin bo.

From Chief Olu Osalusi (Mariwo secretary)

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