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Mr Quindos, 61, broke the news in a WhatsApp group at 21:39 hrs: “I have lost my wife, my daughter and three grandchildren in the Ethiopian Airlines crash.”

Mr Quindos had travelled to Nairobi on Sunday, to wait for his family to land so that they could travel to Nakuru together for the surprise celebration.

“They had been sending me pictures and updating me on their travel plans and so when the day came, I was very eager to see them and embrace my grandchildren,” Mr Quindos said, with a fortitude that belied his pain.

The plane was to land at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport at 10.45am, but by noon, the flight had not arrived.

When news of the crash broke, Mr Quindos was clinging on to a faint hope that his wife, daughter and grandchildren were not in the same plane, that they would somehow be alive either airborne in another flight or just somewhere.

“I cannot comprehend how shocked I am. I feel so much pain. I am at a great loss” he said.

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