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Dozens of Neolithic skeletons, including those of people who may have been victims of human sacrifice, have been discovered in an almost 3,000-year-old settlement in Britain.

The bodies of the victims from the iron age and Roman era were found, including a woman with her feet cut off and her arms bound behind her head, and another person with their skull placed by their feet.

Skeletons of 26 people were discovered by engineers laying water pipes in Oxfordshire, England.

Archaeologists inspecting the remains believe the people found were from the same community involved in creating the Uffington White Horse, a prehistoric chalk sculpture on a nearby hill.

“These findings open a unique window into the lives and deaths of communities we often know only for their monumental buildings, such as hillforts or the Uffington White Horse,” Paolo Guarino, Cotswold Archaeology project officer, said in a statement.

“The results from the analysis of the artefacts, animal bones, the human skeletons and the soil samples will help us add some important information to the history of the communities that occupied these lands so many years ago,” he added.

An animal skull, probably from a horse, placed in one of the Iron Age pits.
An animal skull, probably from a horse, placed in one of the Iron Age pits.
The group has removed the remains from the site for a forensic investigation.

They were found during work on a Thames Water project aimed at protecting an Oxfordshire chalk stream.

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