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A massive tumour weighing 15kg has been removed from a womb a teenage girl

The enormous cyst was removed from a 16-year-old’s uterus by doctors in India.

Doctors were shocked to discover the growth deep inside the girl’s reproductive organ during surgery at the Sarin Hospital, in Punjab, India.

She was operated on after doctors failed to treat her stomach pain when she stopped menstruating.

The girl has been given “new life” after the cyst was successfully taken out of her womb.

The tumour is not thought to have been cancerous and the girl is expected to make a full recovery.

Her operation was done by the hospital’s cancer treatment specialist, Dr Vivek Gupta, alongside D. Sanjeev Sarin, Dr Vivek Mahajan, Dr Geetanjali Sarin and Dr Sudhir.

The girl’s father, Ravidarpal Singh Punjab, said the family knew something was wrong when his daughter stopped having periods.

She was initially treated by doctors for pain, but was sent to see a specialist when the symptoms got worse.

Following initial assessments, doctors discovered the massive cyst in her uterus.

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