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David Beckham has arrived court to hear whether he will be given penalty points on his licence for using his phone while driving his Bentley.

The former England National team captain was charged after an eyewitness reported him to the police while he was driving and was on call at the same time in London’s West End.

The 43 years old football legend admitted the charge at Bromley Magistrates Court last month through an administrative process known as a single justice procedure, which is not open to the press or public.

The procedure was introduced across England and Wales in 2015 as a means of freeing up court time by allowing magistrates to quickly deal with low-level offences which do not warrant prison sentences.

But the hearing was adjourned to the same court on Thursday ‘to show cause’.

Speaking about the case after hearing, a member of court, said: ‘The magistrates requested more information either the circumstances in which it happened or they think they don’t have enough information about the charge to make an informed decision.’

Magistrates have the power to impose six penalty points and a £200 fine on Beckham for the charge of using a mobile while driving.

Scotland Yard previously said the father-of-four had pleaded guilty by post.

Two months before he was reported for the offence, Beckham was criticised after avoiding prosecution on a speeding charge because of a technicality.

David Beckham has been given a six-month driving ban for using his mobile phone while behind the wheel.

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