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Users are reporting that the streaming site is not working, with problems signing in and uploading videos, sparking major fury on other social media platforms.

The Google services appears to have had an outage across Africa, the UK as well as the US, with millions unable to access the website.

Other down spots appear to be on the US West Coast and north west Europe.

According to downdetector.com, the number of people reporting problems rocketed about an hour ago.

Google’s services have all had complications tonight, with millions of users unable to access their emails in addition to their Snapchat and YouTube.

The root cause appears to be problems with Google’s Cloud service which powers apps other than just Google’s own web services.

Google has issued a status update on its Cloud dashboard, noting that issues began an hour ago.

Snapchat users are experiencing issues logging into the apps, and these both use Google Cloud on the backend.

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