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YES! I cried. In the words of John F. Kennedy, Victory has a thousand fathers, but defeat is an orphan. I have seen the memes. Stop tagging me! Every fighter has his highs and lows. What makes a champion outstanding is how he handles defeat and bounces back to his feet.

I’ll take you down memory lane to the fight between George Foreman and Muhammed Ali in 1974. Foreman at the time was the defending champion. He had knocked out the reigning champ, Joe Frazier and was looking forward to destroying Ali. Things took a different twist like the #JoshuaRuiz movie we watched at Madison Square Garden on June 1. Ali knocked out Foreman in the sixth round and clinched the Heavyweight title. That particular encounter remains one that defined the Muhammed Ali legacy.

I am beyond devastated but I’ll get through this. I don’t care whether the Joshua-Ruiz fight was fixed, bought or whatever. I am optimistic that Anthony Joshua will come back better. I know we play too much on social media and many of you reading this know how much I enjoy projecting him. I will not stop now. My world may revolve around Politics but there will always be space on my media platforms to project ANTHONY JOSHUA and everything that has to do with him as he copes through this defeat. Even if I am the lone voice cheering him on, I will do so tirelessly.

In all interviews granted to his most recent as Heavyweight champion of the world, Joshua positively projected his Nigerian heritage with frequent references to his home training in an African home. Where many boxers in the height of their fame are mostly celebrated for the wrong things, AJ’s decency set him apart. Joshua has been a good Ambassador for the African continent. We cannot turn our back on him now. He needs our support and encouragement to get back on his feet.

Like I stated in a previous post, don’t write him off just yet. Laugh all you want. This too shall pass.The defeat to Ruiz is only a dent to his perfect record. It is not enough to define him. AJ will be back fiercer than ever. I don’t care what the points read; belt or no belt, Anthony Oluwafemi Joshua, OBE will always be my champion. 🥊 #respect 🙌🏽

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