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Reactions by Nigerians on Twitter have trailed the video of Nigerian rapper , Ruggedman , who was allegedly attacked at a London restaurant by four men .

On his verified Instagram handle , the rapper shared a video , showing a fight at a restaurant .

He captioned the video , “Being attacked by four misguided boys will not deter me from fighting for the youths , even though they blindly fight me . # shoutout # londonmetpolic @londo prompt action .

The restaurant owner was just asking if everyone had paid for their food 🤣🤣”

Since he shared the video and a photo with an officer from the London Metropolitan Police , he had been trending on Twitter , with most users condemning the attack and some doubting the veracity of the video.

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Being attacked by 4 misguided boys will not det me from fighting for the youths, even though th
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Wale Gates
Nothing funny about Ruggedman getting attacked, 4guys can jump anybody. There’s no skill set to it, also creates a terrible PR for the restaurant (black business) that their location is unsafe.

But I guess the people lol-ing don’t care, da bi mo se da ni gbogbo won.

63 10:05 AM – Jun 15, 2019
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Bola Ade
So Ruggedman got attacked by touts in London for speaking up against someone publicly defending yahoo yahoo… This just proves the nature of our moral compass and how people have grown accustomed to unscrupulous acts as the norm #Sad
SubDeliveryZone @SubDeliveryZone
– The clear moment RuggedMan –
@RuggedyBaba was attacked in London by unknown guys over his advocacy against cyber crime.
469 7:03 AM – Jun 15, 2019
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Leo Dasilva
Just seeing the video of Ruggedman getting beat up.

Let me tell you all this for free, as youths, until we start promoting and giving attention to the truth, justice and hard work, this country will never move forward. It’s not a curse, just facts.

570 7:36 AM – Jun 15, 2019
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King N●-N●

When Ruggedman speaks against Politicians Looting & Police Brutality he is the Friend of the Youths but when he speaks against Fraudsters he is an enemy of the Youths. Youths suddenly want him to mind his business as nobody is Holy.

The Hypocrisy Stinks!!
2,823 9:31 AM – Jun 15, 2019
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Femi Owoeye
Nobody get away being petty , I know karma is real. Ruggedman started his career yabbing and bad mouthing people. I guess, it’s pay back time. If you think BritishNigerians who attacked him are stupid, you need evaluation.

32 6:33 AM – Jun 15, 2019
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California Dreaming
This is totally unacceptable.
This is what you get when your fan base is made up of touts, agberos, school drop outs, fraudsters.

Infact Naira Marley need to be jailed again. He is a poison to our society. So this is what ruggedman get for standing for the truth.

◢ ◤ @swagnito
Ruggedman man was beaten mercilessly by fans of Naira Marley in London.

111 2:23 AM – Jun 15, 2019
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So Ruggedman decided to release a video that we cannot see and said it’s NairaMarley fans, nawa o, dem attack you and you pass your phone to person make e dy record .

Ruggedman cun enter instagram looking too fresh and started promoting his show… this guy na scam i swear
170 7:18 AM – Jun 15, 2019
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Ruggedman is okay now, and personally I don’t think He was beaten by Naira Marley fans in UK, but if the marlians really beat him up then @MBuhari need to declare the marlians wanted for acts of terrorism and violence home and abroad
CC: @RuggedyBaba

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