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Demola Suzi

A juju and highlife musician, ADEMOLA Ogunsusi also known as Demola Suzi has decried the rate at which many people commit suicide as a result of depression.

Suzi also Called on other artistes to cultivate habits that will discourage depression.

In an Exclusive interview with ROVING REPORTERS,Suzi stressed the importance of music as a therapy to address depression.

The Ondo state born artiste said “ It is very sad that we have so many reports of some people taking their own lives.

I don’t know why but I know that if not for music,there would have been more people killing themselves.

Music has been there, sustaining people from the inception of the earth.

Unconsciously , everyone is a musician, as all of us can not be professional musicians.

Music is a tool that distant you from thinking and having some bad thoughts.

Without music in the church,the church is lifeless as well as social events.

It is just that people don’t realise what music is doing in our lives.

I repeat again, if not for music,many people would have killed themselves the more.

So ,i encourage people to listen to music because we have just one life to live, if you end it abruptly, it is up to you.

Demola Suzi also called on his colleagues to explore the importance of the music they produced.

He said “ However, musicians too only work to please other people.We make the music when we might not know the impact of the songs on the society.

We also need some therapists that will take care of us.

Because of stardom ,many musicians are no longer free to walk as they want and that could cause depression.it appeared like one is in prison.

I want to advise All musicians to take it cool.We fail to recognize the importance of the music we make ourselves. ” Suzi said.

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