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Jesse King Buga

Popular Contemporary Highlife musician, Jesse King ,also known as Buga has stressed the need for other musicians to intensify efforts on producing songs that will help fight depression on people.

Jesse King made the call in an Exclusive interview with ROVING REPORTERS in Lagos.

He was of the opinion that music should be a therapy to reduce depression and anxiety, as well as to improve mood of those listening.

Buga pointed out that depression had become a global issue, hence the need for musicians to write songs that would restore hope of their fans.

Jesse King said “Depression is a global issue and it is expected of all musicians to do more of songs that would bring out joy from people,not to add to their problems.

Of course , music should be a way out of depression .

I think the world is changing ,which is not in Nigeria alone, it is all over and those of us who still have a mind of singing towards soul lifting songs, should not relent.

Since we have the world going to the left side and not the right side , some of us still believe that the right music should be produced to save souls of the people.

You imagine medical doctors leaving their jobs, it will be very dangerous. I think we should go ahead and do our best to make sure that our compositions are still helping people out of depression.

Jesse King also advised all Musicians to be their brothers keeper.

“ First of all, before you are a musician,you are human.Everyone has one or two issues bothering them.

I think it is high time we musicians should check ourselves and try to communicate with people when we are faced with challenges.

Musicians should always check on one another and ask how others are doing.

You might not know the impact of calling on your friends to ask after them.Let us show some love. ” Jesse King said.

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