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Mrs Akeredolu and her husband

Wife of the Ondo state governor, Mrs Betty Akeredolu has expressed anger over increasing rate of rape cases in Nigeria.

The first lady who is very active on the social media on Sunday condemned the act on her Facebook ,calling on rape victims to speak out.

In her multiple posts, Mrs Akeredolu said “The problem of sexual abuse in Nigeria has reached an epidemic proportion, something drastic must be done to put a stop to this nonsense.

If protesting at a church is a way to send a strong signal to these randy pastors, SO BE IT! #metooNaija moment is here!!!

By the way, I ask Nigerians, given to our awareness of these sexual atrocities committed in these churches, why do you still patronize them and continue to pay tithes in naira and dollars. Why are you so hooked on religion? I don’t understand o.

If Nigerian women open their mouths to talk about sexual abuse, many they know,love &respect will be in jail!😢.

Less face the truth, there is hardly any Nigerian woman especially my generation that went through the university that didn’t face attempted rape or raped while on dates.

Then, if you were the bold type, you could only summon courage to tell your girlfriends, in fact, only reliable ones because at the end of the day some unscrupulous girlfriends would become the “amebo” and the shame could be devastating and traumatic.

Going to police was unthinkable. And say what? That your date/boyfriend attempted to rape you or raped you? The police would laugh at you.

Our society upholds silence and cover-up, inadvertently, condoning sexual abuse.

This culture of silence MUST STOP!
We must unseal our lips.
We must begin to talk.

I strongly recommend for the Nigeria police to offer courses related to sexual abuse/ rape matters in order to have a better understanding of the problem and the power dynamics between the perpetrators and victims. We are facing an epidemic of
#sexualabuseofminors and

# Enough is Enough

#metooNaija moment is here!!!


Most Nigerians don’t understand the power dynamics in rape and how it works.

The victim is worse off if the rapist is a figure she adores or respects. She will keep sealed lips. This Busola I learned was only 17, obviously young and naive.

She would have been in awe of this so called “man of God”. Think about that before you rush to judge her!” Betty said.

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