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***Exams fail to start today

Teachers of Secondary School in Ondo State were on Wednesday morning disappointed over the confusion caused by a statement issued by the state government that the Basic Education Certificate Examination, BECE, for students of JSS 3 and promotion exams for SSS 2 in its public schools will start today.

The commissioner for information and Orientation ,Donald Ojogo had issued a statement on Tuesday,stating that the affected students would commence their exams on Wednesday, July 17th.

However the statement seemed to have misled many parents,teachers and students who believed that the exams will start on Wednesday.

ROVING REPORTERS visited some secondary schools in akure, the state capital and observed that the exams did not hold.

At Fiwasaye girls grammar school, CAC grammar school in akure, and Anglican grammar school , igbara oke, students were seen in their classes, studying while some were having revisions of subjects they have been taught by their teachers.

Some students told ROVING REPORTERS that they were eager to writing the exams but were confused with conflicting dates of the delayed exams.

A teacher who spoke under the condition of anonymity said “ I don’t know for this government.
How come the ministry of education released timetable for Thursday and the same government is still releasing statement that exams will start on Wednesday ? ”

Another Teacher said “ I trust them, they would not ask us to write exams today.

We have already got the timetable stating that we should start on Thursday and that is what we are working on.

I think the person that issued the statement was not well informed before issuing such confusing statement. He should have contacted the ministry because this has caused more confusion among teachers ”.

The teachers have however expressed readiness to conduct the exams on Thursday.

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