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As a follower of Yoruba movies, you should know one of the biggest players in that sector, Odunlade Adekola. Yes, that tall, handsome fella. He features in almost every Yoruba movie you get to view on satellite TV. 

TEETH4TEETH loves his movies, his acting skills too, but when he dropped a ‘Nuclear Bomb’ during the week… I come tire.

Adekola was wooing a young lady in that movie, instead of him to stick to Yoruba, he decided to explore, like most of his fellow Yoruba actors do, with the English language. And what did we get? “I will do ‘henathing’ for you”. What the actor said was, he would do anything for the lady, but he used Yoruba to say it but in English. 

An actor of his class should have by now worked on his mother tongue interference in his speech. We all have it, but then, we are all not actors, so the dude cannot be excused. 

Bros, it is not ‘henathing’ as you always pronounce it proudly, it is ANYTHING.

Credit: Guardian

By Roving

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